July 2022, 15th Teaching and Language Corpora (TaLC) Conference

On 13th-16th July 2022, the research team attended the 15th Teaching and Language Corpora (TaLC) Conference, held at the University of Limerick, in Ireland. Andreea Dinca, Madalina Chitez, Loredana Bercuci, Alexandru Oravitan, and Roxana Rogobete presented the paper Using bilingual novice and expert corpora to teach academic writing at the university: The case of ROGER and EXPRES.

Part of the abstract:

In the present paper, we aim at presenting the main functionalities of the two platforms and introducing several research-based teaching models which make use of the ROGER and EXPRES corpora and platforms to facilitate academic writing learning. We also showcase video and text tutorials uploaded on the platforms created with the purpose of popularizing the use of authentic data (mother tongue and English L2, learner and expert) for the design and implementation of corpus-based academic writing teaching activities.

The full abstract of the paper can be accessed here: https://az659834.vo.msecnd.net/eventsairwesteuprod/production-ulevents-public/5cdbfb889d684f2e9ca5f0202ab4f542

More about the conference here: https://ulevents.eventsair.com/cmspreview/15th-teaching-and-learning-corpora-conference-talc-2022/

The conference programme can be accessed here: https://ulevents.eventsair.com/cmspreview/15th-teaching-and-learning-corpora-conference-talc-2022/programme